Take Me There I


Acrylic on Canvas

45×28 cm


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The lockdown in Melbourne has made me dreaming of places to go, this place is a whimsical field where you see different types of flowers and plants, rivers, and terrain. It’s a scene that could only exist in one’s mind, an explosion of colour and pattern.

I love painting abstract landscapes using organic shapes and pattern. In this artwork I did some scratching back to reveal the under layers and add interest with texture. I also used an oil pastel stick to add some scribbles to vary the marks on the canvas.

Please note, colours may show a little differently from one screen to another.
Care has been taken to show the true size of artwork in situ, but please refer to the dimensions shown to assess how it will look on your wall.

The art wraps around the canvas.

Varnished and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.