On My Breakfast Table

A few years ago, I did a workshop by artist Sandrine Pelissier, which aimed at creating beautiful still life’s from imagination, starting with an abstract background using techniques such as painting the negative space and adding details and pattern to make shapes emerge from the background. I really enjoyed making these small still life’s as they ignited a spot in my brain and provided an outlet for creativity and experimentation on a small scale. I quite like the flatness and abstraction of the shapes which makes the painting simple in form, while the added detailing adds to the complexity of it.

I knew I had to evolve from there and try to put my own spin on it, so I started using different techniques to create the backgrounds, which gave me more control over the end result. I played with different colours for the negative space, such as light pink and light blue. I always found myself drawn to the process of creating patterns but mostly thin stripes, so I focused on that. Moreover, I experimented with changing the perspective and composition by painting multiple objects and using different angles.

The process is so meditative and calming that I carried on with my stripes and started including them even in my larger works.

I’ve added the latest works I did in this style to the series “Breakfast Table“, come join me for breakfast 🙂


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