Art for Epilepsy

If you haven’t heard already, Epilepsy Action Australia is organising an art auction again this year to raise funds and help those who are affected by epilepsy. Art for Epilepsy this year is bigger than ever with over 220 artworks to bid on. There is such a great collection of artworks by both established and emerging artists from all over Australia. Last year, over $50,000 was raised for such a great cause, and I’m honoured to be part of it for the second time.

All donated works have the colour purple in them, a symbol for epilepsy awareness, exactly why I thought this work (pictured) would perfectly fit with the theme. This work (Day 23) is a part of a painting-a-day series I did last December. The series depicts a whimsical place that lives in my imagination.

With only 3 days to go, make a difference in someone’s life and make a bid on one of the gorgeous artworks on offer:

Click here to learn more about Epilepsy Action Australia and what they do.


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